Moving Boxes Near Me

Moving Boxes Near Me

When it comes time for a big move, boxes are one of the first things you’ll need. Boxes, the king of moving supplies, make your moves smoother and easier. But did you know that not all boxes are made equal? We’re here with all the details on getting the right type of box for your move. If your recent Google …


Self Storage as a Part of Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness has never been more important than it is now, after a world-wide pandemic, wintery power outages creating devastation across Texas, and shortages on toilet paper and other essential items. During the uncertain times of the past year, many people have recognized the importance of being prepared, turning to self storage to store their supplies. The Federal Emergency Management …

home staging tips

Home Staging Tips Using Self Storage

Thanks to popular shows like Fixer Upper, home buyers have a clear aesthetic in mind when shopping for a home. The visual appeal of a home holds a lot of weight, and chances are, prospective homebuyers have already poked around on Zillow to scope out their prospects.  Staging your home takes a little work but gives you a leg up …

Save Money on Storage Units

Save Money on Storage Units

Although most people benefit from having extra space, a storage unit is an expense that often needs to be rationalized, especially if you’re already on a tight budget. If you want to stretch your dollar, we recommend taking advantage of these ways to save money on storage units. Only Store the Things You Love Don’t waste valuable space by hanging …

5-self storage safety tips

5 Self Storage Safety Tips

When selecting a storage unit, we know safety is at the top of everyone’s list. We get it. Trusting your belongings to us – for however long or short a time – means you want to know they are being protected. We want you to feel confident about renting a storage space with us, so we’ve compiled five self storage …

moving supplies - TMS Self Storage

7 Must-Have Moving Supplies

It’s no secret that moving is hard work. There’s a lot to remember before a move, so we’ve made a list of seven must have packing supplies.

5 easy habits for organizing your stuff

5 Easy Habits to Organize Your Stuff

Most of us dread organizing our stuff. It’s easy not to organize your stuff, to let clutter pile up and become overwhelmed by the huge job of sorting it. Honestly, who would rather organize a sock drawer before going out on a hike with friends, or binge-watching Netflix?  But staying on top of organization reduces stress and makes room for …

20 Best Storage Tips - TMS Self Storage

20 Best Storage Tips

Deciding how to pack and store your personal items can be intimidating and, quite frankly, overwhelming. We are going to provide the top storage tips when moving into a storage facility. We want to make things easier for you during this already-stressful time, so we’ve compiled 20 helpful packing and storage tips for putting your items in a storage space. …