Save Money on Storage Units

Save Money on Storage Units

Although most people benefit from having extra space, a storage unit is an expense that often needs to be rationalized, especially if you’re already on a tight budget. If you want to stretch your dollar, we recommend taking advantage of these ways to save money on storage units.

  1. Only Store the Things You Love
    Don’t waste valuable space by hanging on to trash or items you plan to donate later. Before moving your belongings to your storage unit, sort through everything you plan to store. Ask yourself if each item is something you love or plan to continue using. If you no longer need, use, or want it, consider letting it go. Have a yard sale or donate your belongings to a local charity or shelter (here’s a map for finding a homeless shelter near you!). By reducing the number of things you plan to store, you will be able to rent a smaller storage unit and save some money in the process! And you’ll get to experience the freedom that comes with owning less.
  1. Say “Yes!” to Discounts
    When you’re looking for ways to save on storage units, ask our staff for help. We offer a number of discounts, from our armed forces receiving 10% off the monthly rental rate to 20% off moving and packing supplies when you rent any size unit with us. We also offer a fantastic referral program by giving you a $20 cash bonus for every customer you refer to us here at TMS Self Storage. If you’re looking to rent a 5×5 storage space, we will even pay for your second month. Taking advantage of one of our many deals will show you just how affordable self storage can be.
  1. Do Your Research
    Before deciding on a storage unit, spend time thoroughly researching all the options in your area. Don’t just look at the size and price, but make sure you compare the security options, read reviews, and check the fine print on the contracts.
  1. Ask for Special Deals
    Ask our storage manager for ideas to help you save money on storage units. It never hurts to ask – and you just may end up saving a few dollars in the process.
  1. Use Our Free Truck
    If you’re moving locally, we will provide you with a free moving truck to move all your belongings. What better way to save money on storage units than to get a moving truck for free? When you rent your space, reserve our rental truck to move your items here. And once all your items are unpacked, leave the keys to the truck with us, and we’ll take it from there.
  1. Share a Space
    Did you know that the bigger the unit you rent, the better the deal you’ll get? Team up with family members or trustworthy friends to rent a large unit and take advantage of a combined rate. Depending on how many people join forces with you, it can reduce your monthly payment by 50%.
  1. Store Large, Bulky Items Elsewhere
    If possible, avoid keeping your large, bulky furniture items in storage to reduce the amount of storage space you’ll need. Instead, ask a family member or friend if you can store these items at their home or consider loaning them to a friend, school, or library. Come up with a creative way to repurpose or rehome your large items!
  1. Use Space Effectively
    When loading your storage unit, make sure to organize it carefully. Don’t place things haphazardly but ensure everything is stored in a thoughtful way. By using your space efficiently, you may be able to downsize to a smaller unit, thus finding yet another way to save money on storage units.

Ready to say “yes!” to storage rental? Call us today at 940.648.5000 to find out which one of our many discounts you qualify for. We’re here to help you find the perfect fit! 

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