Ten Storage Unit Prohibited Items

We know you might be wondering if there are storage unit prohibited items. Before we answer, you probably already know that self-storage units can hold a large assortment of items, from the quirky to the practical. But not every self-storage unit will allow you to store the same things. While there are many differences between what you can store in climate-controlled versus traditional storage units, some items are restricted in both situations. What kind of storage unit prohibited items are there? We’ve compiled a helpful list for your reference. 


1. Explosives Materials / Pressure Vessels / Aerosols

Explosives are one of the top storage unit prohibited items. Explosives include propane tanks, gasoline, fireworks, and kerosene. Unsure if an item is considered an explosive? If it could start a fire, it is prohibited. We want to keep your belongings protected in our storage unit. If an explosive went off inside your unit, it would cause untold damage for your items as well as the items in the neighboring units. 

2. Ammunition 

Bullets and other forms of ammunition are explosive by nature, so they are prohibited.

3. Firearms  

Most self storage units do not allow any kind of firearm. This includes revolvers, pistols, shotguns, and rifles. If you’re looking for a way to store your guns safely, consider a gun safe for your home. If you are in transition and don’t have a place to store your guns, ask our management team about storing your guns inside a gun safe in your storage unit. 

4. Hazardous Materials 

You are prohibited from storing or using materials in this storage unit that are classified as hazardous or toxic under any local, state, or federal law or regulations. To keep your belongings and the belongings of others protected, keep hazardous materials out of your storage unit. This includes toxic substances, acids, disinfectants, fungicides, radioactive materials, and chemicals. 

5. Food / Perishables 

All food items, including pet food, are on the list of storage unit prohibited items. If left in a storage unit, food will rot, attracting insects and rodents to your unit. It can also lead to infestation issues for the entire storage facility. As you pack containers and boxes in your unit, remember to check your holiday decorations, as many are food based, containing corn and other items. It could lead to the growth of mold or other bacteria. 

6. Live Pets / People / Plants

It should go without saying, but people and pets are prohibited from residing in storage units. It’s not only against storage unit restrictions, but it is also against the law. Don’t ever leave a person or a pet inside a storage unit. 

Plants will shrivel and die in your storage unit, so don’t keep them in storage. If you’re going away temporarily and are trying to figure out how to keep your plants watered, consider these short-term watering stakes that will keep your plants watered for one to two weeks. 

7. Priceless & Irreplaceable Items

We recommend keeping jewelry or other highly valuable items with you, rather than in your storage unit. Most storage units do not offer any kind of liability insurance for these items. If you do plan to store highly valuable items in your storage unit, chat with our managers about how to keep these items protected.  

8. Stolen Items / Illegal Drugs

It should go without saying that illegal items under any local, state, or federal law or regulations are on the list of storage unit prohibited items. If it’s illegal, you cannot store it. What are illegal items? Generally, prohibited weapons under California Penal Code 16590

9. Scented or Wet Items

It doesn’t matter whether the scent is good or bad. If there’s an odor, don’t put it in a storage unit. From perfume and cologne to cans of Febreeze, keep it out of your unit to prevent a bad reaction with the other items you are storing. This also includes moth balls: We all think of those as great when storing wool items at home, but they do not do well inside a unit. If you have a question about an item, check with our team. 

Wet items are another no-no, as they can create mold and spread to your neighbors’ belongings. If you’re moving in while it’s raining, be sure to bring additional towels to thoroughly dry your belongings. 

10. Tires

The majority of self storage units include tires on their list of storage unit prohibited items. Tires are difficult to move. Unfortunately, some storage unit users disappear and leave their belongings for the storage unit to get rid of, making it difficult for storage companies. While you can store a vehicle with the tires on it, you can’t store loose tires. If you need to dispose of tires, reach out to 1-800-Got-Junk?, and they’ll assist you with tire recycling. Or turn your tire into something else entirely, like a swing, a colorful garden planter, or material for your next construction project.

Other than the items listed above, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions about whether or not an item can be put in storage. Ask us! We answer our phones and listen intently to your needs. And when you’re ready to rent a storage unit, we are here and can’t wait to meet you.