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The Best Storage Inventory Apps to Organize Your Stored Items

Start 2023 with a storage inventory app to help you get your life organized. It’s time to throw out the paper lists. Goodbye, wrinkled notes, and messy handwriting. Say hello to increased organization and more brain space with these storage inventory apps. There are several mobile apps available for organizing self-storage units. We’re sharing the details on five storage inventory apps to help take the stress out of moving and give you a chance to breathe easier. 

1) Nest Egg

This app will do wonders for organizing your storage unit and your life!!! The Nest Egg app has been featured on many news outlets, including ABC, the Boston Globe, and CNBC, and countless users have downloaded this app to store more than 6 million items. The app allows you to create inventories for different categories or places in your life, such as “TMS Self Storage,” “Kitchen,” and “Master,” so you know exactly what you have where. For each item, the app creates a scan barcode and allows you to file product information automatically in its intuitive, user-friendly interface. With Nest Egg, you’ll never lose track of your valued items again.

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2) Scan Your Boxes

This storage inventory app will make all the difference in your organization. Scan Your Boxes is a QR code generator. All you need to do is open the app, generate a unique QR code for each box, and then print and place the QR code on your box. You can take photos and make notes on the contents of each box and store the information inside the app. If you’re searching for something inside a box, just scan the QR code on the outside of the box, and the app will show you everything inside it. What a genius organization hack! 

3) Everspruce

Never has organizing your home been so easy! With passcode-protected entries to protect your privacy, Everspruce enables you to create an inventory of everything you own. Keep a record of all your baseball cards, jewelry, and shoes — and then organize it according to location, box, or tag. The app has a great search feature for finding your items, and users can export and download virtual lists into a PDF or CSV for increased organization. You’ll never lose anything again with this app!

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4) Stock Control Inventory

Working on an office move? Then Stock Control Inventory is the app for you. Manage your office supplies and inventory to keep track of your business assets and items stored at multiple locations. With a built-in search tool, you can look up everything you have stored and export it to a PDF or CSV. Start by labeling everything you own and then sort it into categories. You can manage your inventory level and the location where it is stored  —  from the shelf it’s on to the container it’s in. With this storage inventory app, you’ll be the most organized person in your office. 

5) Sortly 

Serving as inventory management, Sortly is a fantastic tool for both businesses and collectors. Generate custom QR codes, barcodes, and status reports while grouping your items according to category, location, and condition. Sortly allows users to access their data from any device and create downloadable files via CSV, PDF, or Dropbox. Users can sync up their data with the cloud or work in offline mode. Business owners will get automatic low-stock alerts on their inventory. Whether you’re storing medical and healthcare inventory, real estate staging inventory, or construction inventory, this app will help you stay on top of it all. 

We know things can get stressful during a move. Here at TMS Self Storage, we want to make your transition as simple as possible. Chat with one of our friendly employees today about the best storage space for your needs. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to store retail inventory or a family temporarily transitioning your belongings, we’re here to help you navigate the whole process — and in the meantime, these storage inventory apps will give you the peace of mind you’re craving. 

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