Moving Boxes Near Me

Moving Boxes Near Me

When it comes time for a big move, boxes are one of the first things you’ll need. Boxes, the king of moving supplies, make your moves smoother and easier. But did you know that not all boxes are made equal? We’re here with all the details on getting the right type of box for your move. If your recent Google search history includes “moving boxes near me,” then you’ve come to the right place. 

What Types of Boxes Are There?
When selecting your boxes, there are many sizes and types to choose from. As you load boxes into your moving truck or storage unit, you’ll need to conserve space, which means it’s important to select the right boxes for your belongings. Shop our selection of boxes today!

  • Bankers Storage Box — At 15”x12”x10,” these boxes are great for storing files, paperwork, and miscellaneous small items. 
  • Small Boxes — Perfect for books, DVDs, CDs, heavy pots, or tools.
  • Medium Boxes — Great for toys, books, kitchen appliances, and bath items.
  • Large Boxes — These work well for bulky items, like blankets and bedding, lampshades, and fragile items wrapped carefully in bubble wrap.
  • Extra Large Boxes — Use these boxes for outdoor items and blankets.
  • Wardrobe Box with Bar — Keep your clothes on their hangers by using these boxes. 
  • Picture/Mirror Box — Store your fine art, pictures, and mirrors in these boxes.
  • Dish Packing Set — While slightly more expensive than normal boxes, these are worth it to keep your dishes protected during your move. 
  • Glass Packing Set — Similar to the dish set, this will keep your glassware protected and organized.

Watch Out for Grocery and Liquor Store Boxes
It may be tempting to pick up used boxes from your local grocery and liquor stores, but we caution you against doing this. When searching for “moving boxes near me,” we recommend only using new boxes. Boxes left over from grocery stores often retain food odors, which could attract pests and rodents in your storage unit and destroy your belongings. To keep your belongings most protected, purchase new boxes. 

Before reusing old boxes from friends, make sure they are strong and stable. Overtime, boxes weaken and may not hold up well to being stacked on top of each other. If a box were to collapse in the middle of your move, it not only creates a huge mess but could cause your items to shatter and break. When it comes to your belongings, we don’t recommend taking a chance. New boxes are relatively inexpensive and give you peace of mind in knowing that you won’t have to worry about a mouse infestation or a collapsed box.  

The Real MVP: Packing Tape
No move is possible without packing tape. It keeps bubble wrap secured around breakable items and keeps your boxes sealed, making it easier to stack them. Before your move, we recommend purchasing several rolls of packing tape — you will always use more than you think! There’s nothing more annoying than running out of tape mid-move and having to head to the store for more. 

Generally, for each 60 yard roll of tape, you’ll be able to tape 13-18 small boxes, or 10-14 medium boxes, or eight to11 large/extra-large boxes. We’re not kidding when we say you’ll go through a lot! 

What’s the Best Method for Taping Boxes? 

This three-step process will keep your boxes super secure. 

  1. Fold the shorter flaps down first.
  2. Fold the longer flaps next, securing with three strips of tape down the middle of the box. Make sure the tape extends three inches down the side of the box for extra stability.
  3. Add two more tape strips across the middle of the box in the opposite direction. 

Need a visual? Check out this helpful video on taping and securing boxes. 

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