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Home Staging Tips Using Self Storage

Thanks to popular shows like Fixer Upper, home buyers have a clear aesthetic in mind when shopping for a home. The visual appeal of a home holds a lot of weight, and chances are, prospective homebuyers have already poked around on Zillow to scope out their prospects. 

Staging your home takes a little work but gives you a leg up on other homes that are not staged, as it helps potential homebuyers envision themselves in your space. And although you can hire a professional stager, it’s fun to take a DIY approach as you declutter and depersonalize. We’ve compiled a list of home staging tips to help you get started. 

Don’t Downplay the Importance of Staging
Staged homes sell more quickly than non-staged homes. It gives potential buyers a chance to visualize the space as their own and picture their personal belongings inside it.

However, it’s nearly impossible to stage a home without removing some of your belongings to give your home a mini-makeover. By keeping some belongings in a storage unit, you are making your home appear larger and adding value to it. 

Declutter First
Decluttering is the first step in our home-staging tips. Go through your home and look for things to throw away or donate. If you want to make a few bucks, try selling things on Facebook Marketplace. If something hasn’t been used in over a year, consider letting it go (or take a page from Marie Kondo and only keep things that bring you joy). Removing clutter will make your home appear larger to potential buyers. 

Need more decluttering inspiration? Follow FlyLady’s tips to get your house in tiptop shape! Her decluttering tips also function as home-staging tips, and she’ll have your house looking great in no time. 

Make Self Storage Work For You
When staging your home, your realtor may recommend removing certain items from your home to make it less cluttered. This is where self storage comes in handy.

As the next step in our home-staging tips, we recommend renting a storage unit for your belongings while you prepare your home for a buyer. Here’s why: if a prospective buyer sees a mantle covered in knick knacks, counters cluttered with appliances and stacks of papers, and walls filled with family photos, they will see your family in the home, as opposed to visualizing themselves in the home. Take down the family photos and move large furniture into your storage unit to give buyers a chance to see all the space your home has to offer. 

At Pleasant Grove Self Storage, we offer six storage unit sizes to choose from, each designed to meet a variety of needs. If you’re not sure what size will work best for you, chat with our friendly associates to help you determine what size you need. Here are the sizes we offer:

  • Our smallest space, a 5×5 unit, is similar in size to a small closet. This size is great for 3-6 small boxes, small appliances, decor, and other personal items. 
  • The 5×10 unit is similar to a large-sized closet. It can hold bicycles and outdoor gear, 8-12 small boxes, and seasonal items. 
  • The 10×10 unit is similar to a guest bedroom and is perfect for storing bedroom apartment furniture, 10-12 medium boxes, and other light furniture. 
  • The 10×15 unit is similar in size to a master bedroom with a walk-in closet. Store large furniture, medium appliances, 13-17 medium boxes, and even a full dining set in this space. 
  • The 10×20 unit is similar to a single-car garage. Fill it with large outdoor gear, the contents of a three bedroom house, 15-20 large boxes, or large electronics. 
  • At 10×30, our largest sized unit is similar to a two-car garage. It can hold all of the items in a large rental truck, more than 20 large boxes, major appliances, and large furniture. 

Need more home-staging tips? Once your home is decluttered, freshen up your look with trendy decor. Take a trip to IKEA or peruse your local Home Goods or Target to find inexpensive items that brighten up your home. Check out this list of inexpensive home-decor sites with items for every budget. 

Don’t Make Your Home Sterile
As the last step in our home-staging tips, make sure your decluttering doesn’t leave your home feeling sterile. Buyers are looking for an uncluttered, yet “homey” space, which requires striking the perfect balance. 

Find some soft touches that will speak to a buyer’s heart and spark conversation about the area. Consider a produce organizer filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables to start a conversation about your local farmer’s market. Display a trendy cookbook in a cookbook holder to help prospective buyers picture themselves cooking in the kitchen. Or buy fresh handmade soaps for your bathrooms to fill them with a lovely fragrance. In all your decisions, you want to help prospective buyers feel like “this house is the one.” 

You Can Count on Us at Pleasant Grove
We are here for all your storage needs! We have flexible month-by-month policies and offer plenty of ways to save. Moving is already expensive, but we are here to help you find ways to save on storage. Rent your unit today to make your home staging that much easier.