Make Room For Guests

Make Room For Guests with Self Storage

We all know 2020 has been an unusual year. While many families have chosen not to host guests, there are others who are opting to gather safely together. These families are gathering with their “pandemic pods” or are quarantining with extended family. If you are trying to make room for guests this year, we’ve compiled some tips for keeping things clean and sparkly all the way through 2021. 


Clean Your House
Clearing out your overcrowded guest room? If you are running out of places to put things, rent a self-storage unit. If you haven’t hosted anyone in awhile, you might notice your guest room (and home in general) has become overrun with clutter. Hosting a guest is a good way to kick things into high gear around your house. As you make room for guests, use your storage unit as a place to keep unused items, extra furniture, and clutter. Your storage unit can become a tool for bringing some peace and calm into your home. Clutter increases stress and overwhelm — two things we want less of as we head into 2021. 


Plan Your Family Fun In Advance
Just because many activities and events are on hold this year, it doesn’t mean we can’t make new traditions together. Watch a live-streamed concert, go on a hike, take a virtual museum tour, perform songs or skits over Zoom with family, plan an all-night movie marathon (or pick a new show to binge watch!). COVID may have changed our plans, but we don’t have to let it steal our joy. Here are some other ideas for COVID-safe fun


Babyproof Your House
As you make room for guests, think about any young children that may be staying with you. If you have potentially dangerous furniture or decor, stick them in your self-storage unit until your guests leave. You want your guests to breathe easy and not have to worry about their children breaking one of your heirlooms or damaging something in your house. Pick up some fun and child-safe toys for your young guests to enjoy during their stay. 


Stock Your Pantry
Make it easier on yourself by planning your meals and treats before your guests arrive. Stock your fridge with drinks, pick up your favorite bottle of wine, and make cookie dough in advance. If kids are staying with you, pick up boxes of juice, applesauce, and fruit. You can even freeze soups and dinners in advance so that you will have less cooking during your guests’ stay!


Plan Extra Touches
Once you’ve put your belongings into a storage unit, you’ll have extra space available in your home and in your head. Use that space to plan extra touches for your guests. Put a seasonal bouquet of flowers in their room. Place books or magazines (or the latest issue of The Magnolia Journal) on the nightstand. Add a tray with water bottles, granola bars, and trail mix in case your guests get the late-night munchies. Want to go the extra mile? Add a sound machine with white noise and a nightlight. 


WiFi Password
As you make room for guests, anticipate being asked for your WiFi password. Borrow a trick from your local hotel and write your WiFi password on a notecard. Add instructions for your TV and remote and any other necessary information. 


The year 2020 may have thrown us all some curveballs, but we can still give our guests a respite from the year’s craziness. With a little bit of planning and some extra space in your home, hosting guests can still be a special time for your family, regardless of how small your gatherings are this year. As you make room for guests, remember to cherish the fact that you are together with loved ones for another year. Call us here at TMS Self Storage at 940.648.5000 to learn about our competitive pricing and month-by-month rental arrangements