preparing furniture for storage

5 Helpful Tips for Preparing Furniture for Storage

Preparing furniture for storage is an important part of protecting your furniture while in storage. When you decide to entrust us with your family’s furniture, we want to do our best to equip you to prepare your furniture for our storage units. Taking simple steps to prepare your furniture before you store it with us will produce long-lasting results, so we’ve compiled a short guide on prepping your furniture and keepsake items.

Preparing Furniture for Storage

  1. Disassemble large furniture
    Before moving furniture to your storage unit, take apart as much as you can. If you are able to disassemble tables, chairs, and desks, it will make your truck and storage space easier to pack. Consider leaving bookshelves intact as they are handy in your storage unit for shelving boxes and smaller items. While preparing furniture for storage, remember to put screws, nuts, and bolts in labeled bags, so you will know where they belong.
  1. Clean furniture before storing
    Make sure all furniture is wiped down and cleaned thoroughly. This will keep your storage unit smelling good and keep your furniture in great condition. Wipe down plastic or wooden furniture with soap and water. Polish any metal pieces to prevent them from tarnishing.
  1. Oil and polish wood
    Use a wood cleaner or oil soap to wipe down wooden or antique pieces. This will help protect the wood’s finish and keep your furniture in tip-top shape. Find some helpful wood oils here on Amazon.
  1. Vacuum upholstery
    Vacuum your sofa cushions or fabric items. Use a fabric cleaner if needed.
  1. Polish leather to protect against drying and cracking
    Dried leather can wrinkle, crack, or lighten over time. Use a leather conditioner, saddle soap, or oil to polish, as it will add a layer of protection to your leather items. Mohawk makes a great product, available at Pottery Barn.

The benefits of storing your furniture with TMS Self Storage

Storage Options and Flexibility
At TMS Self Storage we offer a variety of sizes and storage options to provide you with the most flexibility and the best storage rental experience. When storing valuable furniture long term, we might suggest you rent one of our climate-controlled storage spaces. These spaces are best suited to protect your valuables over a long time. Due to the constant temperature of a climate-controlled space, your items are protected against high heat and freezing conditions. There’s no need to worry about the cold making wooden chairs brittle or the heat damaging leather and upholstery.

Free Moving Truck*
To save you money and improve your move-in experience, we offer our move-ins a convenient moving truck. When you rent with us, we offer you a free truck for the local move of your items to TMS Self Storage. Load up everything in one trip rather than piling your valuables in your car over multiple trips. This protects your items and the interior of your car from damage.

On-site Manager
Our manager lives onsite and is here to answer all of your questions. Our experienced staff is available during business hours seven days a week to help you with last-minute items, like purchasing a storage lock, providing tape that you ran out of, or needing one more box because you didn’t realize how much stuff you really needed to store.

Store with us for peace of mind
We offer a variety of storage spaces in various sizes, from 25-square foot units, or the size of a small closet, all the way up to 360-square foot units.

Preparing furniture for storage and selecting a climate-controlled storage space will give you more room at home and peace of mind.

Call us today at 940.648.5000 to talk with our friendly staff. We’ll help you decide on the perfect storage space to satisfy your needs.

*A Free Moving Truck is available for Local moves only. Subject to availability, and some restrictions apply. Call our office for details at 940.648.5000