Seven Self-Storage Tips to Relieve Stress When Moving

It may feel impossible, but believe it or not, it’s actually possible to reduce stress when moving. Let’s face it, packing a house is not anyone’s favorite job; but we’re here to show you how easy it is to remove some stress during your move. If you’re in the middle of a temporary housing situation, here are seven tips to help make things easier.

1) Remember: There’s No Requirement to Purge as You Pack

Yes, the ideal scenario is to sort through your belongings while you are packing, throwing away and donating the things you know longer use or love. But maybe that’s too much to add to your already-tight-timeline. Maybe your house sold faster than you expected, and you don’t have another house lined up yet, causing you to put all your belongings in storage temporarily. Or maybe sorting through your belongings is too much of an emotional toll. Whatever the reason, it’s important to keep in mind that this is one step you can skip to relieve stress when moving. You can go through them  once you settle into your new home. When you’re ready to go through it all, here’s a helpful checklist for where to start. 

2) Organize Your Storage Unit for Easy Access 

When you fill your storage unit, place things in the back of the unit that you won’t need to access. For instance, if you need to access something regularly, put it in the front of your unit to make things easier on yourself. That way, you aren’t rummaging through your entire storage unit to find your Christmas ornaments. If you’re ready to organize your storage unit like a pro, here is helpful shelving to keep things neat and tidy.

3) Keep Things Convenient by Renting a Storage Unit Nearby

When selecting a storage unit, make sure it is near your new home to relieve stress when moving. There’s nothing worse than having to drive long distances to retrieve your belongings. By keeping your storage unit close to your new house, it will make your transition all the smoother. A little planning ahead can help solve this potential problem. 

4) Build Extra Space into Your Storage Unit

Maybe you’re waiting for your house to be built and are renting a storage unit until your house is ready for you. One day you find the perfect piece of furniture for your new house. There’s no room for it in your temporary space, but there’s plenty of space left in your storage unit. You can buy your dream piece of furniture from West Elm, knowing there’s a place to put it. Doesn’t it help relieve stress when moving when there’s extra space in your storage unit?

5) Clean Your Belongings Before Packing Them

If you have time during your move, we highly recommend cleaning your belongings while you pack. Dirty items containing dust or old food can attract bugs, rodents, or mold. Grab some fabric sanitizer for your upholstered items, scrub your wooden items with a wood cleaner, and wash your leather furniture with a leather cleaner

6) Gather Your Packing Supplies Before You Start Packing

There’s nothing worse than getting into a packing groove and then running out of tape. Make sure you have plenty of boxes, packing material, and tape before getting started. Did you know we offer boxes and packing materials onsite? Plus, once you are a current renter of Pleasant Grove Self Storage, you will receive 20% off all packing and moving supplies. We carry everything from sofa covers and mattress bags to tape guns and box cutters. We want to make your move as easy as possible because our goal is to help you relieve stress when moving

7) Keep an Inventory of Your Items

Some people compile a master list of what’s inside each box. Others prefer to label each box with the contents inside. Consider writing helpful descriptions on each box, like “Kitchen: Open First,” and list the contents of the box. That way, you don’t have to open everything to find your silverware and cups. Inventory lists are helpful, in whatever form works best for you. 

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