Are you trying to decide between climate-controlled storage units and traditional storage units? There can be a lot of information to sort through as you make your decision. Hopefully, we can make it easier for you by breaking it down here. 

1) Climate-Controlled Storage Units Provide Regulated Temperatures

In climate-controlled storage units, the temperature is consistently regulated. This eliminates temperature fluctuations and keeps the temperature from falling below 50°F or rising above 80°F. In Justin, we experience hot summers and cold winters, creating steep temperature fluctuations throughout the year. The regulated temperatures in our climate-controlled storage units will keep your belongings protected from the elements all year long.

2) Climate-Controlled Settings Offer Protection From the Elements

The controlled temperature protects your items from damage caused by temperature fluctuations, like warping, mildewing, and fading. Heat, humidity, and cold can cause damage to many items. The last thing we’d want is for you to visit your storage unit and discover the books your grandfather gave you are covered in mildew or the wooden rocker from your mother is warped. By using climate-controlled storage units, you will never run into this problem. 

3) Prioritizing Climate-Controlled Storage Units Will Help Your Belongings Last Longer

There are many benefits to climate-controlled storage units. If you are storing valuables, such as family heirlooms, or electronics, or artwork, we recommend climate-controlled storage units to preserve the integrity of your belongings. Wooden and leather items also do best in climate-controlled settings to prevent them from warping over time. 

The peace of mind that comes with climate-controlled storage units is worth the slightly higher cost. Plus, the air quality is great. Gone are the days of having to air out your storage unit to get fresh air inside. The air is continuously circulated, giving your belongings all the fresh air they could need.

Outside of climate-controlled settings, here are some things to consider:

  • Your wooden items can expand or contract with changes in weather and humidity.
  • Your belongings (especially books) can grow mildew and mold.
  • Your fine art and other valuables can warp, crack, or become discolored from moisture.

Also, we recommend checking to see if your belongings have specific care or storage instructions. Some items must be stored at a specific temperature to maintain their quality. 

4) Traditional Storage Units Work for Yard Items

Non-climate controlled, or traditional storage units, are great for storing things that will not be damaged by temperature fluctuations. If you’re not sure how to determine that, use it for anything you would normally store in your garage. Some examples would be vehicles and boats, yard items, and appliances. If you don’t want your belongings enduring extreme temperature fluctuations, we’d recommend utilizing climate-controlled storage units.

5) Traditional Storage Units Function Like Garages

Non-climate-controlled storage units are similar to your garage. They keep your belongings covered from rain and inclement weather. However, just like in your garage, items can become damaged from humidity, heat, and cold weather. 

At TMS Self Storage, our traditional driveway-accessible storage has extra-wide driveways combined with grade-level entries allowing for easy loading and unloading of larger items.

Ready to rent a storage unit? We’re here for you! Whether you need climate-controlled or traditional storage, we’ve got you covered with our variety of storage spaces to fit all your needs. If you’re not sure what size unit you need, check out our helpful chart that shows you exactly what you can store in each unit. Still not certain what would work best for you? Contact our friendly staff, and they’ll help you choose the right size unit for you.