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4 Best Mattress Storage Tips

Proper mattress storage is key when you consider how valuable your mattress is. Have you stopped to consider that we spend a third of our lives sleeping in bed? This means that by the time we are 90 years old, we will have spent 33 years sleeping. What about Saturday morning family time on your mattress? With so much time spent in bed, it’s imperative to invest in a good mattress and properly care for it. If you are moving and need to put your mattress in storage, we’ve compiled four tips to properly store a mattress. Here at TMS Self Storage, we want to ensure your mattress is stored properly until you are ready to use it again. 

Clean your mattress thoroughly.

A dirty mattress sitting in storage can breed mold and fungus. It can also result in a dirty mattress coming out of the storage unit and into your home. It is important to properly clean your mattress before storing it. We recommend taking a few precautionary steps to prepare for mattress storage: 

  • Vacuum your mattress 
  • Clean your mattress with baking soda or upholstery cleaner 
  • Put your mattress in the sun to air it out

Carefully vacuum your mattress and then sprinkle it with baking soda. Let the baking soda sit on the mattress for a couple of hours to absorb odors and then vacuum up the powder. Alternatively, consider using an upholstery cleaner (Amazon sells many, including this highly rated one). Read the directions carefully and apply without soaking your mattress. Use a brush to work the cleaner into your mattress and then allow it to dry completely. Once you think it is dry, give it an additional day to dry. We recommend putting it outside in the sun if you are able; otherwise, open windows and use floor fans to help it dry faster. 

Another option is a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners are great multi-purpose cleaners, as they clean floors, counters, and upholstery, and remove allergens. Amazon has many options for steam cleaners that fit into every budget and sell well-known brands, such as Hoover and Bissell. Be sure to purchase a handheld attachment for cleaning your mattress. If you are not interested in investing in a steam cleaner of your own, many hardware stores have them available to rent. 

Wrap your mattress in a mattress storage bag.

If you are storing your mattress for any length of time, keep it covered with a mattress storage bag or plastic wrap. This will protect it from dirt, dust, and moisture. Find mattress bags at Home Depot, your local hardware store, or here at TMS Self Storage. We provide mattress storage bags for twin, full, queen, and king size mattresses with our packing and moving supplies. Before wrapping it in plastic, be sure to thoroughly clean and dry your mattress. Otherwise, you will trap moisture inside the mattress, which will shorten the life of your mattress. 

To protect your mattress, store it in a climate-controlled space. Avoid storing it in a storage shed, outdoor space, or unfinished basement (does anyone really want to sleep on a mattress that was stored outside?), or it will breed mold and bacteria and become a hazard to your health. Here at TMS Self Storage, we provide climate-controlled storage units designed to preserve the quality and value of items like your mattress. We eliminate temperature fluctuations by keeping the temperature from falling below 50°F degrees or rising above 80°F. 

 Keep your mattress flat.

When storing your mattress, keep it flat. If it is stored on its side, it can become lumpy and saggy. A flat mattress will stay even and balanced, protecting the springs from damage. We recommend placing a tarp on the floor before setting your mattress down. Avoid setting boxes on top of the mattress as it can create permanent lumps in the cushioning. If you are storing other items like a table, bookshelf, or boxes, set the mattress on top to create a stable surface for it. 

Add baking soda or a deodorizing spray.

Notice a musty smell in your mattress? To freshen it up, combine baking soda with your favorite essential oil (we love lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, and orange), and sprinkle over the mattress. Wait 20 minutes, and then vacuum the mattress. Or, spray your mattress with a deodorizing spray and let it dry completely. To make an effective natural cleaner, mix equal parts water and distilled vinegar and then spray over your mattress. Find more tips on natural mattress cleaners by checking out these tips from Sleep Junkie. Don’t forget to give your mattress 24 hours to air dry after removing it from storage. 

Transporting your mattress to storage

It is important to protect your mattress during your move to and from your storage unit. To avoid dirt and damage, cover it with blankets, sheets, or other cloth materials and transport it in a covered moving truck. Don’t have a truck? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! For our clients moving locally to TMS Self Storage, we offer a free moving truck. Our moving truck is air-conditioned and easy to drive, complete with power steering, power brakes, and automatic transmission. We even provide a ramp for easy loading and unloading. A covered moving truck will protect your mattress from bad weather, pollen, or dirt. 

Mattress Storage

If you take good care of your mattress, it should last for many years, but its wellbeing depends on how you care for it. If you need a reliable mattress storage solution, we’ve got you. Call us today at 940.648.5000 to reserve your space!